Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm THAT girl

I'm THAT girl that....

is obsessed with O.P.I. nail polish because of the polish names.
my new favorite color- Rally Pretty Pink! Mmmmm, I love sparkle.

loves college football and is DYING for it to start.

has slept with the same stuffed animal for 18 years.
I will still sleep with it when I am married with 4 kids. I don't care what you think! :P

recently deactivated her facebook just to "stick it" to those certain people.

hates traffic and at times comes down with a bad case of road rage.

cried when the final episode of Friday Night Lights ended.
I bawled like a baby.

pretends she can beat up her boyfriend and talks a lot of trash.
he'd squish me like a bug. true story.

dances like a pro to Michael Jackson songs.
he'd be proud.

is a college athlete.

is slightly addicting to texting.

believes every stranger is a friend I haven't met.

wishes she lived in the 60s and 70s.
I will not lie to you, I would have been a hippie.

reads her Bible on a daily basis.
or at least tries to. sometimes I slack. I use to feel guilty, but I learned something very important.... God still loves me.

cherishes the world.
don't litter around me. I will pull UFC moves on you.

changes favorite colors every. single. day.

wants this dog.

dresses up really cute. changes her mind. says screw it. pulls out the sweat pants and tshirt.

changes career paths on an hourly basis.
not really that much... but I do want to go to law school now. or be a journalist. or a softball coach. I give up... I should be a real housewife of texas and do absolutely nothing.

doodles on napkins like nobody's business.

can be slightly over dramatic.

window shops? oh no. I internet browse.
anthropologie, I hate you. I want everything.

has really weird dreams. and immediately calls her boyfriend to let him know.

loves the moments riding shotgun in her best friend's truck.
aka Hayes. Yes, he's also my best friend.


I'm THAT girl.....

What girl are you?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Embracing Flaws

You know the feeling you get when you stumble across a new blog and the writer seems to be PERFECT. They are amazing in every single way possible? Well I hate to get your hopes up followers.... That is definately NOT me. I would hate to mislead you all with a perfection I do not hold.

This blog is DIFFERENT... Why? Well because I am...

I have flaws just like every normal human being. I keep secrets, I have fears, I have hopes, I have dreams.... My family fights, my friends bicker, my boyfriend can make me mad... and guess what... when it rains, my hair frizzes. Shocking? Yup, tell me about it.

I struggle with different things on a daily basis.... and I have come to find out... That is PERFECTLY ok to seek help.

Its called embracing your flaws, and I have learned to accept things I cannot change as little blessings in disguise...

Not only do you have to embrace your own unique differences, you have to accept the ones of others around you. This can be just as difficult, especially if these differences are ones that have the potential to be in your life for years to come....

You may be figuring out there is something I am DYING to share with you right now, about something or someone close to me, I haven't quite figured out how to deal with it in the real world... I felt as though I have accpeted it for all it was... is it possible to have second thoughts about something so very important? So this little corner of blogosphere will have to wait for the big "secret" later on.... I guess I have to keep you guessing so you'll come back for more.... any thoughts?


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bloggy Best Friends!

Don't you just become overwhelmed with joy when you meet a new friend?!  Friendship is one of the most special gifts God can grant us... and I have a suprise for all of my friends out there....

Drum roll please......

A guest post by my bloggy best friend Hannah!!

Not only is she absolutely gorgeous on the outside, she is just as beautiful on the inside! There is a lot you can learn from this chica right here... So here you go followers....

I now present Hannah! :)


hi guys! its me, hannah from 17 inch heart! how does one get a 17 inch heart exactly?  it happens when you fall head over heels in love with a man who is 6 feet 10 inches tall...

he's the athletic-super-smart-future-engineer-playing-basketball-on-scholarship one,

and i'm the pretty one. or at least that's what i tell myself anyways...

sometimes i pretend we got married

and then had a child

and twins.

a girl can dream, can't she?

for more giant sized fun, follow me over to my little corner of the blogosphere @ :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Get Your Pistols Up

Ever since I can remember my idol has been this chick right here....

Miranda Lambert.

And now she has a brand new band! Miranda & two of her closest friends, Ashley Monroe & Angaleena Presley make up The Pistol Annies...

...and man are they rockstars! I found my new favorite band! They are everything I love all rolled into one... A little bit of hippie, little bit of Texas, and a WHOLE lot of rockstar.  
Check out their website HERE, and their new single, Hell on Heels, right here!

(make sure to scroll to the bottom of my page and pause the music before you enjoy the greatness of the BRAND NEW, PISTOL ANNIES!)

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