Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feather Fanatic!

Hey guys!  Well once again, I have been away for weeks at a time with no way to update the ol blog-a-roo.  My poor pantech just isn't up to date enough to make posts while on the road.... maybe FINALLY time to upgrade to iphone? :)

Back in March I found a new trend in Houston that I was DYING to start back in my hometown... feather extensions!! 

I soon became a feather FANATIC!! I rocked the turquoise & brown pheasant feathers like a true rockstar! My girl Ke$ha even has them!! 

I had them in for a little over a month before everyone went overboard and completely killed the new look..... However-- I think it might be time to re-kindle the old flame and reunite myself with my fearless feathery buddies! 

What are your thoughts on the trend? Love, hate, no opinion?  Should I reinstate my feather extensions?  Let me know-- I'd love to hear a repsonse from my loyal followers!

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