Become a "moments" sponsor!

I love my little corner of moments, creativity, and inspiration just about as much as a zebra loves it's stripes.... maybe even a little more.

I know YOU love YOUR small business or blog just as much as I love MINE.... And EVERY proud parent of a little bloggy or business wants to show it off!

Now you can officially become a sponsor of Moments with Morgan and show the world your wonderful little piece of creativity!

There are several options available, check them out here!


#1. Show off here with a 220x220 px button! Don't have a button? No worries, I make custom buttons for no extra charge! Your fabulous button will be on my page for the world to see at only $10.50/1 month!

#2. You prefer the smaller things in life? No worries, here you can show off your 220x120 px button for only $6/1 month!

#3. For those of you that would prefer a post AND a blog button, you can have BOTH!! For $15/1 month you get a 220x220 px button and a feature post that month! For $12/1 month you show off with your 220x120 px button and a feature post that same month!

For any questions or comments about sponsoring Moments with Morgan, feel free to contact me at stover.morgan@rocketmail.com!

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