Things About Me

Thanks for stopping by my little place of creativity & love :) In case you didn't know-- My name is Morgan!

 I find inspiration in small things & am saved by the grace of our wonderful God. My hopes and dreams are as large as the West Texas sky, which is where I will soon be living my life. I'm on the road to discover what God has in store for me.. I have a soul that begs to be free & I could travel the world for the rest of my life and be completely satisfied. Sunshine on my face and a breeze blowing my hair is all I will ever need. And one more important thing... I believe in love at first sight. It's a wonderful thing. I'm just a girl... inspired.

 Things You Didn't Know About Morgan... Until Now.

I love bubble baths.

I secretly cry during sad movies... and the animal adoption commercials with the sappy music.

My favorite color is sky blue.

I read my horoscope EVERYDAY, even though I've been told it means nothing.

I <3 sushi.

I love fairy tales & still wish I was a fairy tale princess.

I write down all of my dreams...

I do a great "smokey-eye."

I sing in the shower.

I LOVE baseball games.

I've been known to dance.... a LOT.

I'm addicted to texting.

I love days when I can sleep in.

I watch black and white movies... AND enjoy them :)

The 3 C's keep me going- cupcakes, camera's, and CHRIST.

I love to write. There is nothing like picking up a pen or pencil and turning collected thoughts into something special.

 I'm slightly addicted to shopping. Don't judge, we all have our vices :)

 A catchy tune will always brighten my day & put a smile on my face.

 I act inappropriate 99% of the time... the other 1% is a coin toss.

  There is nothing more enchanting to me than brightly lit city streets at night.

  My dream is to travel the world, and see everything God has blessed us with.

 Nothing is better than curling up, late at night, with a great read.

  I believe in "love at first sight" & "soulmates."  And that you can find them at a young age and live a LONG, happy life together.

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