Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AWE to the SOME.

Dear O.P.I. Make Mine Lime polish, your gorgeous green shimmer is perfect for sweet summertime. Dear Hayes Weston Hall, I blame you for the collection of water bottles on my dresser, in my car, and on my night stand. After a weekend with you, I feel the need to drink water from a bottle constantly. However, I prefer the cute little tiny bottles so my bladder does not burst. Thanks love bug, for the addiction. Dear Crazy Love book, you overwhelm me. I have never experienced the feelings you give me. God's love is mind blowing. You are changing my life! Dear Canal Boat Driver in OKC, I apprectiate the fact that you know EXACTLY where Ponder, Justin, and Krum are... and that you ride the train by my house. Dear MTV, your zombie commercial that always comes on disgusts me! Go away. Dear Roommate, 15 days. Oh, and I bought our shower curtain today. Dear Little Sister, I'll be home soon. Then it's our "recorded" shark week. Prepare yourself homegirl. Dear Lawrence Hall Chevrolet Truck, I saw you today in OKC. You came from Anson. Not only does that excite me (AWE to the SOME), it still weirds me out. You are a long way from home little buddy. Dear Hotel Bed, you are calling my name!


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